Online Courses: Shaw Academy

Online Courses: Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy ( is a privately owned online organization founded in 2013. It provides online audio/video courses presented to students through webinars. You can find over 1500 free courses offered in English. Here are some examples of their offerings.


Nutrition: Why is nutrition so important in sports? The course starts with an explanation of micronutrition, the source of energy we use during exercise, and a general description of metabolism. Through this course, you will learn the importance of nutrition and its application in sports. It is made clear that good nutrition is the key to achieving a good and highly efficient physical state. 


Photoshop: What exactly is photoshopping and how can it help in crating better images? The course will familiarize you with the power of editing images, it will introduce you to many of the editing options available through Photoshop.


Excel: The course answers the basic question of what is Excel. It then explains how to use it and it offers a basic description of the software program. The course covers an introduction to Microsoft Excel, the beginnings of Microsoft Excel, an understanding of the pages in calculation, understanding Windows Excel, use of the different options and quick access tools, how to get help on Microsoft Excel. It also includes exercises, solutions, and a summary.


Cryptocurrency Commerce: Course 1 deals with an introduction to blockchain technology and the problems created by Bitcoinn and other cryptocurrency which need to be resolved. You will see the first class digital money that is currently revolutionizing financial markets. 


Graphic Design: The course starts with a general description of graphic design space. It introduces ideas, concepts, and thoughts leading to a comprehension of how one can visually communicate a coherent and direct message. Get to know the different options in available open source software. These come from web-based editors such as Vecteezy, to downloadable software like GIMP and Inkspace, to mobile applications like Adobe Capture and Canva.