Jacob Blake and #BlackLivesMatters protests hit the NBA

Jacob Blake and #BlackLivesMatters protests hit the NBA

Photo by Stamford Advocate


Milwaukee Bucks players suspended their game against the Orlando Magic in protest of the Wisconsin police attack.


The NBA announced that due to the decision of the Milwaukee players, matchday 5 of the Play-offs will be rescheduled, no team will be penalized for not showing up.


The “Bucks” did not arrive at the pavilion at the scheduled time, the referees who went to look for the players in the locker room received the news that the team was not going to show up to play, for their part, the Orlando Magic players started the warm-up in the corresponding half of the court.


Prior to this decision, several players, referees and coaches listen to the anthem before the game with one knee on the ground as a form of protest and support for the #BlackLivesMatters movement in addition to wearing T-shirts with the hashtag in training.


“They want to be part of the solution. They want to help. They want justice. ” Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse noted.


The Jacob Blake case has fueled many protests in the state of Wisconsin, mostly peaceful, the governor of the state of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, deployed the force of 500 members of the national guard to disperse the protesters.


Following the protests, Wisconsin state sports teams joined the protests; the Wash Mystics girls’ basketball team wore a shirt recreating the shots taken by Jacob Blake.


During the day, public figures such as former President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King’s youngest daughter, Berenice King, showed their support for the sports protests.


Jacob Blake case


The emergency services received a call for a domestic incident which resulted in the arrest of an African American man identified as Jacob Blake, the man who fled from the police was arrested again and suffered 7 shots in the back that left him seriously injured.


The video went viral on social networks causing the contempt of the people, ending in the protests for Jacob in Wisconsin.


State authorities issued a curfew in the aftermath of Blake, the protesters ignored it and continued the protests in the city center.


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