Benditto Bocatto

Benditto Bocatto

Benditto Bocatto is an Italian restaurant serving some of the most typical dishes. They specialize in pizzas, pastas, and different cuts of meat which are all prepared on the premises. It’s great food and inexpensive as compared with other such restaurants and considering what they serve. The hamburgers are outstanding, made with top choice sirloin. And the pizzas are excellent as well, baked in the restaurant’s own clay oven. The dough is also prepared on the premises with natural ingredients and without any preservatives. There are the classics such as pepperoni, but they also have one called “pastor” and their special Bocatto Arrabbiatta which is topped with arrachera, grilled chistorra, pimentos, onions, olives, and mushrooms. There is also the Napoly Veggi, and one made with bacon which is also original of Naples—with garlic and onions caramelized in white wine. And only here will you be able to find a very special sweet pizza—made with cream of hazelnut, then topped with bananas, strawberries, and of course, more cream of hazelnut. You really ought to try the mix of sweet and savory. 

Everything is prepared with olive oil because it’s healthier as well as being the oil of choice in Italian cuisine. The salsa pomodoro is made with vegetables and cherry tomatoes. The pesto sauce is one of the iconic staples, made with basil, pine nuts, nuts and olive oil. Aside from all these great dishes, the restaurant also serves several kinds of salads. The Benditto Bocatto is a mix of a variety of lettuces mixed with spinach, nuts, peanuts, cranberries, and topped with a vinaigrette made with citrus and olive oil. 

There is also high quality coffee that they roast themselves with grains that are one hundred percent Mexican. Benditto Bocatto is offering a 10% discount on your bill if you eat in. Go ahead and visit the place and try all the delicacies they offer. 


Thu through Monday 

415 178 1789


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