Boxing in times of pandemic

Boxing in times of pandemic

Eduardo Santana, a young promise of San Miguel boxing, has faced difficulties because the mandatory quarantine and the suspension of physical activities in public spaces due to COVID-19.


In an interview for Atención Santana explains the difficulties he faces as an athlete because he cannot train properly; “I was forced to train at home, but it was not the same … I trained unmotivated”


Also, the young boxer gets mentalized towards the next events, “I will train harder so that when, returning from the pandemic, I will be in the fights that are going to be scheduled and come out victorious,” he said.


Although there is still no official date for the reopening of sports venues, sports organizations are already analyzing ways to return with proper hygiene measures.


During the massive closure of sports venues, Eduardo assures that it was without prior notice and that throughout the confinement he has not received support of any kind.


With the arrival traffic light in San Miguel de Allende in orange now, Eduardo’s coach, José Miguel Yáñez assures that he hopes to be able to resume activities under the new health regulations, essential disinfection of the spaces, as well as a maximum number of people inside the gym.


The young boxer is an active member of the Mexican Union of Boxing of Excellence (UMBE), the organization is expected to renew activities until the end of the pandemic, however, it is analyzed to carry out activities with the proper hygiene standards.