The City Says “No” to Incidental Tourists

The City Says “No” to Incidental Tourists

San Miguel de Allende, which was initially intent on reopening its economy in four phases (Phase 0, 1, 2 and 3), has gradually changed its mind. It has not yet reached Phase 1—the phase during which hotels were originally permitted to open—much less Phase 3, when social events can be reactivated, but it has implemented interim measures. The City Council approved the opening of hotels at 40 percent capacity and reactivation of weddings with an initial capacity of 150 people. 


Although hotels have already opened, this does not represent the full opening of the city as a tourist destination, and use of pools and community areas is still restricted. The City Council says that anyone who comes into San Miguel without a reservation at a restaurant or hotel can be turned back at the health check points at the entrances to the city.


In published information, Mayor Villarreal clarified that “at the entrances to the city, visitors will find health checkpoints where they must provide the reservation held for them in one of the certified hotels or restaurants; if they do not have it, they must return to their place of origin.”


For information about which hotels or establishments are certified, as well as about prevention and reopening measures and protocols, go to: or


Visitors and locals must comply with all preventive measures, such as the mandatory use of a face mask, frequent hand-washing, social distancing, and using antibacterial gel.


These are the phases: 


Zero: Opening of markets and shopping malls, restaurants, restaurant bars, loncherias, taquerías, tortillerías, bakeries, patisseries, cafeterias, candy stores, ice sales, paleterías and ice cream parlors, grocery and miscellaneous stores, nutrition centers, pharmacies, medical offices, laboratories, medical products, cleaning products, handicrafts, hardware and tlapalería, building materials, hairdressers and barbers, stationery stores, bonnet, haberdashery, clothing stores, shoe stores, gift shops, toy stores, florists, watchmakers, locksmiths, parts, gas, gas stations, mechanical workshop, tire and derivatives, blacksmiths, carpentry, furniture, jewelry, cyber cafes, telephone centers, self-service centers, and public parking lots.


One: Opening of hotels, public parks, cinemas, theaters, libraries, cultural centers, churches and religious centers, congregation centers (not to exceed 10 people).


Two: Opening of sports centers such as gyms, neighborhood and community courts.


Three: Opening of canteens, bars, nightclubs, rodeos, dance venues, public and private events, houses for rent and accommodation in any form, including Airbnb, museums, spas, massage centers, touristic tours, balloon rides, walks, and other tourist activities.

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