Oaxaca becomes the first state to ban “unhealthy” food to minors

Oaxaca becomes the first state to ban “unhealthy” food to minors
High-calorie and high-sugar food is prohibited now for minors in Oaxaca.
Photo: Atención San Miguel


The state congress in Oaxaca published in its twitter account the approval of the modification of the Law of the Rights for Girls, Boys and Teenager that prohibits the sale, distribution and promotion unhealthy food products to minors.


The initiative was proposed by the local Deputy Magaly López Domínguez, who said this initiative seeks parents decide about their children eating high-calorie, salty food. In addition, Domínguez said the proposal is similar to the prohibition of sale of alcohol and cigarettes to minors.


With 31 votes in favor, the law was approved and Oaxaca became the first state to prohibit sweten beverages and high-calorie foods to minors. On the other hand, the National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC) stated that its members are against the initiative.


SOURCES: Poder Legislativo de Oaxaca, portal ADN40