Learn for Free (for Spanish speakers)

Learn for Free (for Spanish speakers)

I located a site called aprendegratis.es where I found some interesting courses.


Clinical Terminology in the United States: This free course is a good preparation for those who are interested in learning clinical terms and abbreviations, normally used in oral and written communications in hospitals. The objective of the course is to develop a better comprehension of terms and abbreviations used by medical health professionals. 


Mandarin Chinese, Intermediate Level: Though this free course you will learn an extensive Mandarin Chinese vocabulary, people and objects, in order to be able to put them together in comprehensive and varied sentences. The objective of the course is to lead you to an intermediate level of the language. During the course you will learn tones and intonations with practices designed to improve these. You will also learn how to construct business dialogues. 


The Art of Pencil Drawing: This is another free course that will allow you to learn the necessary techniques that can lead to painting with acrylics, oils, and watercolors. You will also learn the necessary techniques in identifying visual elements in art: form, texture, lines, spaces, and values; and understand the theory behind the psychology of color.


Artificial Intelligence for Non-engineers: The science and information about AI (artificial intelligence) is defined as that which is produced by machines. This course delves into the mental functions of human beings and how AI can learn to reason, perceive, learn, and resolve problems. Throughout this course you will learn terminology related to AI, such as: neuronal webs, automatic learning, deep learning, and the science of data, which will provide you with the tools to understand what AI is capable of doing and what it cannot do.