Advice From Tia Maria Sue To The Fallen Men Of San Miguel

Advice From Tia Maria Sue To The Fallen Men Of San Miguel

Dear Tia Mary Sue,


Yesterday I was racing home from Bonanza to join my Tuesday Zoom cocktail party with friends. With the rainy season in San Miguel upon us my feet flew out from underneath me and my items flew everywhere on the sidewalk. One know-it-all woman picked up my newly purchased dental floss and returned it to me with a smug smile. So humiliating. It’s one thing to be a Fallen Woman in San Miguel it is another to be a Fallen Hombre.


Any tips as to how to preserve my dignity when this happens? 


Dearest Fallen Hombre (aka My Fallen Angel)


First let TMS ask why it’s ok for San Miguel de Allende to be referred to as the City of Fallen Women and not Men? Has 2020 not taught you anything? This is the year of the great equalizer…… Our cobblestones are equal opportunity !


A question does come to mind… 


Is Bonanza a euphemism  for Farmacia and is Floss a code word for Viagra? Certainly a reason for humiliation and smug indignation.


But being the trusting sole that I am, I will believe you at your word… so let’s look deeper. Why would anyone ,especially someone you know, smirk at dental floss? Is there a rumor that your teeth are not your own? 


No TMS thinks there is something here that doesn’t meet the eye or in this case the teeth… but I am not sure I need to pull in Paul Drake* on this one as I think I may have a clue.  Is it possible that you have offended or done something with dental floss that made this lady think you probably didn’t need to purchase more? I did receive a distressing note recently about someone forging away at dental cleansing while on a social platform…surely that wasn’t you…..


But I digress…. you were asking about how not to be humiliated.  Well you shouldn’t be humiliated in the least. Laugh if off if you are not hurt! I hope your bottom doesn’t bruise as easily as your pride!


Remember I am not Judging, I’m just saying…




* The first dedicated reader to comment below who Paul Drake was AND who his real Mother was will receive a complimentary cup of coffee at  Cafe Santa Ana!

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