Two Million Pesos to Ease the COVID-19 Burden

Two Million Pesos to Ease the COVID-19 Burden

The San Miguel Community Foundation approved an extraordinary donation to several organizations whose income has decreased due to the global disease.

Twice a year, the SMCF publishes a call for organizations to present clear ideas of projects or programs; however, due to the pandemic, the president of the Community Foundation, Donna Wilson, proposed to the board members the release of two million pesos to help some organizations to ease the burden of COVID-19.

Among those benefiting are Amigos Al Cien, whose efforts are focused on purchasing food to help those who have lost their jobs and cannot afford food. Ashoka Animal Sanctuary also benefited. “When there is no food for people, then there is no food for animals,” said Guadalupe Álvarez, spokesperson for SMCF.

The Fire Department also benefited, and the financial resources were used for equipment.

“An organization requested some funds to get musical instruments, but we are in confinement now. Those instruments will not be used very soon. There are more important needs now,” Álvarez said.

Other groups that benefited were Apoyo a Gente Emprendedora, Casa Hogar Santa Julia, and casa Hogar Mexiquito. They are free to use the money according to their needs.

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