Care Package Arrives in San Miguel de Allende

Care Package Arrives in San Miguel de Allende

By John Doherty


Considering moving your home contents or maybe various special items that you surely need and miss, including your beloved pet, then you cannot work with anyone better than Zoomalo Moving and Storage. Over the past 15 years this fine company has moved precious personal items between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and has become the reliable and most trustworthy choice for many folks living here in San Miguel de Allende.


But let me share a little story on one other wonderful community service just provided by owner Ian Fultz and his fine staff at Zoomalo!


A few months back the School for Special Education received a super offer from Eugene Southtowne Rotary Club to share a large supply of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and caps with the students at the school and other kids and young people in our community.


This fine Rotary Club ships new donated clothing items received from suppliers to various charitable organizations worldwide. With their help and supported by other good friends from Eugene the items were packaged and boxed ready to be shipped to San Miguel. We were absolutely delighted that we were to receive four to five boxes of kid’s clothing. A decision was quickly made to share a portion of these donated items with ABBA House to provide to the migrant kids they serve.


The only challenge was dealing with the logistics and of course the cost of getting the boxes from Oregon to San Miguel!


We reached out to the members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for guidance (as well as a few prayers) and lo and behold the cost of shipping the boxes within the U.S. via Parcel Post was quickly solved (special thanks to Eleanor Lewis). God bless those UUs.


Within days the boxes were received in Laredo, Texas, awaiting their final movement to San Miguel to be provided to so many kids. Enter Zoomalo Moving and Storage!


In a heartbeat once told our story, Ian and his people at Zoomalo offered to bring the special gifts for children safely to San Miguel at their expense. It does not get any better than this for a local business to reach out in this way to help kids and young people receive a new warm shirt!


All of the students at Escuela de Educación Especial are very grateful for the many acts of kindness that made this happen. They and so many other children and young people will benefit so much, all thanks to a collaboration between Rotary, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship members, and the big heart of Zoomalo Moving and Storage.


Stay healthy everyone and we hope that this little good news story touches you as it has all of us at the school.