Phase Zero Came With the First COVID-19 Death in SMA

Phase Zero Came With the First COVID-19 Death in SMA

On June 1, 24 businesses reopened to the public in Phase 0. On that same day, San Miguel de Allende registered the first death of a patient caused by COVID-19. According to the Secretariat of Public Health, the man was 37 years old. 

The City Council approved the General Protocol of Safety to reopen the economy of San Miguel on May 20, dividing it into four phases. Hotels will reopen in Phase 1 (second phase), while those houses rented via online platforms will reopen in Phase 4. 

The day before Phase 0 began, Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal released a message making clear that the most important consideration is the health and well-being of the local people. For that reason, the city is not open to tourism. He also remarked that people who do not perform essential activities or those noted in Phase 0 must remain at home. 

Among the businesses that are reopening are some shoe stores, restaurants, and barbershops. Among the restaurants are Tío Lucas, The Restaurant, Milagros, Lavanda, Atrio, and Manantial. These businesses are operating with 50 percent of their capacity and are permitted to be open until 10 p.m. daily. 

The day of Phase 0, the Secretariat of Health updated the data on COVID-19 for the state. In the case of San Miguel, the numbers of those confirmed with the disease went from 23 to 25 (12 of those are active). He also gave the news of the first death caused by COVID-19. 

Mayor Villarreal released a video stating that the person arrived from Guerrero to San Miguel, where he rented a house, got sick, and later died in the General Hospital of Celaya. The Secretariat of Health said he was 37 years old and had no record of chronic diseases. 

In order to prevent the importation of cases, the city will keep working on the sanitary filters in the accesses to the city to avoid importation and augmentation of COVID-19. They are active daily from 8:30–10 a.m. In addition, face masks are mandatory for every person in public spaces, or in private areas open to the public.