Premium Scholarships: What They Mean to a Student

Premium Scholarships: What They Mean to a Student

By Don Krim


What does it mean to get a Jóvenes Adelante scholarship, joining over 120 San Miguel Allende students currently part of an academic support program unequaled in Mexico? The following excerpt is from one of JA’s 34 new, 2021 entering students:


“The scholarship of Jóvenes Adelante has helped me so much. I can continue my studies thanks to their economic support. I have been able to meet with my mentor and speak with great confidence, and I appreciate that he is always aware of me and my process in all aspects, always giving me encouragement to move forward. The high-tech computer equipment provided for my studies has helped me to better performance in school. I would like to request psychological help to continue in my recovery process, since I know that my mental health is important to continue giving everything in my studies and in the other aspects of my life. English classes will serve me well to continue practicing and continue advancing faster, and that will help me with many opportunities in my future. The workshops, which I hope will soon be face-to-face, will help me grow as a person. I thank you with all my heart for this great help in all aspects, to the whole team and the volunteers for this great help to all the scholarship recipients and our families, helping us to realize our dream, which will soon come true. Thank you for the work and commitment you put into each one of us.”


She knew when she applied that verified academic promise and financial need are necessary to receive a scholarship. With our intensive outreach this student also knew the scholarship includes: a financial sponsor paying and proudly cheering them on; a mentor as a 5-year companion committed to guide, support, befriend, and encourage towards success; a laptop computer loaded for her course of study; a JA community providing targeted life skill courses, psychological, sociological and other guidance as needed; and the potent companionship of fellow students, past and present. Success is built in.


As word of the availability of Jóvenes Adelante’s Premium Scholarship program has spread more widely and deeply into SMA communities, the number of students seeking a place has doubled in each of the past two years. We have every reason to expect that the number of applications we receive for entry in 2022 could easily exceed 750. Our hope will be to take between 35 and 40 of these applicants as fully qualified new students. JA never admits a student until a financial commitment is secured. We have full, half, and pooled groups, and organizational sponsors. A sponsorship commitment and pledge of US$1,800 per year (US$9,000 total) will transform the course of a first generation university student’s economic potential for life and that of its family.What was out of reach becomes a generation-crossing dream fulfilled. To get on the list of early sponsors for a 2022 student, contact