Behind the Voice of Pinky Chan

Behind the Voice of Pinky Chan

With more than 1.3 million followers (Spanish-speaking) on ​​YouTube, Pinky Chan—Samantha Kaún—might be the only Sanmiguelense with such an influence on that network. At present, her creations (audisuals), in which she tells stories of daily life and current issues through digital drawings, can reach millions and has millions of views. Her channel was started 4 years ago, and to date, her stories have reached more than 200 million views.


We talked with her. Her 18th birthday will be on December 29, and she likes to watch series and draw. She also told us that she is in high school, an important step in her life. But every week, she feels responsible and feels compelled to upload at least one video each to keep her followers interested. She can be followed at


Here are her answers to some serious, not-so-serious questions:


Jesús Aguado: If there were a zombie attack, what would your secret weapon be?

Samantha Kaún: I have thought many times about that possibility, the most intelligent thing would be a firearm, but apart from that, I would carry a katana in case the weapon ran out of ammunition. Also, I think it would be satisfying to attack with it (laughs).


JA: Between a goat and a bird, which one would you prefer as a roommate?

SK: I think a goat; they are funny and it seems to me that they are like a mountain dog—the bird would fly away as soon as it could.


JA: What is the best invention of all time?

SK: The PC gamer, an instrument where you can play almost any game, and use various tools, in addition to streaming. It’s simply perfect.


JA: If you were a fruit, what would you be?

SK: A strawberry. I like its color and almost everything tastes good, strawberries are a default sweet.


JA: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

SK: I would have the powers of Scarlet Witch (a character in Marvel comics). She could levitate things, manipulate energy, fly with those same powers, manipulate reality, etc. And like her, such a power in my hands would be very dangerous.


JA: If you could exchange a day with a celebrity, who would it be with?

SK: Ariana Grande—she is very cute and I would like to sing well for once.


JA: What would you prefer, to have a head as salad or broccoli as arms?

SK: It depends. If it’s just salad hair, I would prefer that because it would look funny; otherwise, the arms—at least they can be covered.


JA: What sport do you think should be invented?

SK: Food competition. I know there is already, but it should be even a national sport. It would be very funny.


JA: If the world were full of copies of you, what would it be like?

SK: Total chaos, a lot of bad luck, and stress for everyone.


JA: What is the best joke you tell?

SK: My life, well no. It is not good for me to tell jokes. It does not come out if I think about it; it has to be spontaneous.