Adopting a Cat or Dog Is Just a Click Away

Adopting a Cat or Dog Is Just a Click Away

By Megan Gabel


For those of you who love animals, but can’t adopt or are deterred about venturing out to the SPA by a little thing called a “pandemic,” how about becoming a virtual pet owner? The Adopt Me pages on our website ( give you the opportunity to take certain cats like Vanderbilt and dogs like Rita under your wing and bring them virtually into your home—no muss, no fuss!


Vanderbilt, an SPA resident for four years, is now about 5 years old. He is not a sociable fella. He suffered some trauma early on in his life. His pain has been controlled, but he has the tendency to surprise you with an unexpected bite. He does not tolerate human hands on his torso. Nevertheless, he loves to have his head and neck rubbed by certain people and enjoys watching the day go by from his sunny spot. 


Rita, an SPA resident since 2011, was only 2-1/2 months old when she came in with her two sisters. Small/medium-sized, she is a sweet dog. She doesn’t get really excited about venturing out for walks much, but sometimes surprises us by trotting along for a whole block. She prefers sitting on a stoop and watching cars, people, and other dogs go by. She doesn’t get bored with that at all. She loves getting personal attention and reciprocates with ear kisses and affectionate hair tugs.


Virtually adopt (US$20 per month) Vanderbilt, Rita, or another in that program and we’ll give you regular updates about your chosen virtual pet. Help the SPA provide a safe haven, food, medication, and love that they deserve. It’s a great way to become part of the SPA experience.