Remembering those who have died for Covid19

Remembering those who have died for Covid19

To honor those who have succumbed to COVID-19, as many as 11,928 trees have been planted in the State of Guanajuato. In San Miguel the names of loved ones were engraved on plaques set adjacent to the trunks of palo dulce, acacia, and jacarandas. Some 230 trees were planted in the Bicentennial Park on the road to Los Rodríguez. The public was invited to participate in planting those trees in memory of their loved ones, a memorial that will last for years.


Wendolyn Vázquez, program manager for the Office of Environment and Sustainability said that the invitation was extended by the state via the Secretary of Ecology on August 27 and 28. During the symbolic planting of the first memorial tree in the state, the Secretary of Ecology expressed the hope “…that the trees that we plant today take root, that they last, and are part of the legacy of your loved ones, giving us a healthier and more sustainable future. Unfortunately, many of us did not have the opportunity to pay our respects to deceased family members, so may this be our permanent homage, that their lives transcend existence.” Although in San Miguel the invitation by the Secretary did not get a great response, Wendolyn Vázquez was thankful that a few dozen family members participated. Several organizations that supported the most vulnerable during the pandemic did respond. Among them were The Rotary Club, Amigos al 100, and governmental institutions such as DIF and the Youth Institute.


There are more trees


To date, 250 residents of San Miguel have lost their lives to COVID-19. At the time of the tree planting, that number was 230. Wendolyn Vázquez expressed sadness for that figure. She invited those who wish to participate in the program and plant a tree for “Roots for Life,” to come to the office at Parque Bicentenario. Trees can be planted there or at any other suitable space. Those interested will be provided with an identifier that can be placed next to the tree honoring the family member.


Wendolyn Vázquez noted that thanks to the recent rains, there is a better chance that the trees will flourish. In addition, the Environment Office cares for the trees in Parque Bicentenario, and provides continued maintenance.


To request a tree, go to the Environment Office, located next to the COMUDE module on the road to Los Rodríguez. The office is open Mon-Fri from 8:30am-4pm. Bring an application, and a copy of your credentials or an official piece of identification.