Meet Teri Kavanagh

Meet Teri Kavanagh

Teri Kavanagh came to San Miguel de Allende in 2002, and since then has helped Mexicans and expats. Not only does she have dual citizenship, she is fluent in English and Spanish. Teri had discovered San Miguel in a magazine. She and her husband John came here on vacations, and they fell in love with the city. 


Teri has been involved with nonprofit organizations since she arrived. They range from Feed The Hungry to The Red Cross, and currently Covid19SanMiguel. She is also a volunteer liaison between the US Embassy and the US expat community in San Miguel. “I help the US Embassy keep the US community informed, and in extraordinary circumstances I help the Embassy deliver emergency services to US citizens,” she told us. 


We asked Teri some questions in a less serious vein. 


Jesús Aguado: On a road trip are you the driver, the DJ in the passenger seat, or one of the people eating snacks? Why? 

Teri Kavanagh: I am the DJ in the passenger seat! I love to sing, I am not very good at it, but my singing keeps my husband awake!


JA: How do you see yourself, and how is that image wrong?

TK: In my head I am 30 years young and I never get tired, but in reality I am a woman of 55 who just had back surgery. 


JA: You die and become a ghost, doomed to haunt others but unable to talk or write messages to say who you are. Who/what do you choose to haunt?

TK: I will haunt all those who have harmed others. Why? To make them feel the pain they have caused. 


JA: If you could snap your fingers and become super famous overnight, would you do it? Tell us why, and the pros and cons of fame.

TK: I am happy with my life. I don`t think that I would like to be famous except if I wanted to get into the hottest restaurant in town. I might want to be Mother Theresa if I did not have to be a nun. 


JA: What was the last dream you had?

TK: I honestly do not remember. 


JA: If you suddenly vanished, what would your family assume you were up to? 

TK: Definitely shopping or helping someone.