Cats: Art Auction with a Cause

Cats: Art Auction with a Cause

By Marilyn Peterson


You must be a newcomer to San Miguel de Allende if you don’t know about Lola Cortina. Cortina is quite a celebrity around town. She is an institution and assumes various identities such as, Cat Lady, Crazy Cat Lady, Cat Angel and Animal Savior. Whichever you prefer, Cortina is a


Super-Woman in the eyes of animal lovers who applaud her work advocating for the safety and welfare of all animals, particularly cats. 


Cortina has been rescuing abandoned kittens and cats for over 18 years. She founded her non- profit, Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C., to provide shelter, socialization, food, veterinary care, neutering, and ultimately, loving homes. Her sanctuary shelters 100 cats at the cost of US$2,500 monthly. She assists many low-income families with veterinary services, medicines, and a food bank. A consummate activist, Cortina toils endlessly with sterilization campaigns and practices trap, neuter, and release programs for cats. Her passion knows no boundaries. Her labors are her life. Unfortunately all of this is about to change. 


Recently diagnosed with lung cancer, Cortina is struggling with her health and the day-to-day operations of the cat sanctuary. She is currently undergoing cancer treatment and preparing to visit the Rubio Cancer Center in Tijuana, a full-service integrative cancer and regenerative medicine hospital. Their approach is known for its advancement of one of cancer’s newest and most advanced forms of non-invasive treatment of immunotherapy. She needs US$7,000 for a one week stay, inoculations for three months and a round trip ticket to Tijuana. How can you help?


A devoted community of extraordinary talented people, including artist and friend Ana Ragá, are offering Cortina a lifeline by hosting an exhibition and silent auction of their works. It is crucial to raise money for her medical treatments! Talent is growing. Thanks to these gifted artists you can be assured this collection will be amazing! By adopting a painting, you are not just adorning a wall, you will be giving Cortina the chance of her lifetime and the gift of healing and hope.


Artists include: Alan Rodriguez, Alejandro Mejía, Ana Ragá, Analí Jaramillo, Beatriz Cota, Bill Morrow, Britt Zaist, Erik Mota, Esperanza Orvañanos, Estefanía Mongrell, Frida Velázquez, Henry Vermillion, Jesus Villalpando, Joaquin Piñeiro, Javier García, Jeff Ferst, Juan Ezcurdia, Juan Luis Potosí, La Felix, Leonardo Díaz, Lorenzo Lugo Mckelvain, Lourdes Rivera, Mario Oliva, Maru Stahl, Máscaras de Alambre, Merle, Roberto Corona, Rocío Gordillo, Ted Davis, and Cissy Smith Marks.