Delta Can Slow Us Down but It Can’t Stop Us!

Delta Can Slow Us Down but It Can’t Stop Us!

By Jerry O’Brien


Across the world people have been absorbing and reacting to the dire news about the emergence and spread of the delta variance of COVID-19. Here at CASA we too are taking note. While our staff is in the classroom, the birthing suite, and the offices, we are taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our users: mask use is again mandatory as is social distancing and rigorous hand washing and other sanitation measures. We, like everyone, are tired of these measures, some more burdensome than others, but take them we must. 


Pregnant mothers coming for pre-natal visits and those actually delivering at CASA’s birthing center are at high risk from COVID. Children not yet able to return to school depend upon CASA’s mobile libraries, and many folks in San Miguel de Allende’s popular barrios rely upon us for the dependable supply of free condoms and other forms of birth control. Mothers returning to work outside the home count on CASA to provide the needed daycare so that they can again contribute to the support of their families.


Yet we are all newly concerned about Delta and what it means for us as individuals, as families, as CASA, and as a society. We are disheartened by the reimposition of these necessary public health measures and we are worried. As we should be. Understandably many are limiting social interactions and restricting their movement especially in public spaces. Some are quarantining again. 


And, of course, this affects many of CASA’s loyal, hardworking and long-time volunteers. Yet our users, many of them among San Miguel’s most vulnerable citizens, continue to rely upon CASA’s services. We understand that folks are making smart choices about protecting themselves and their families, but we hope that you will find other ways to continue to show your support for our work.


Your financial contributions, in dollars or pesos, can fill some of the gaps created by COVID. Other specific needs we have identified are for linens, blankets, towels and curtains for CASA’s birthing center (see list below).

* Blankets for medium or large size users.

* Double sheets.

* White Towels.

* Curtains for small rooms. 1.50mts x 150cm (light colors)

* Curtain for large room. 2 mts x 1.50 mts (light colors)


 If you have gently used linens in white or light colors you could make an in-kind donation of such items. Otherwise a financial donation would help us purchase these badly-needed supplies. We can arrange for a socially-distanced pick up of these items and provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes.


Yes, we need to take care of ourselves and our families. But we also need to remember those with even greater needs. In this time of pandemic we can and must do both.


List of additional items needed (with cost to purchase):

*Twin sheets, fitted and flat, (586 pesos or US$30) will buy two sets of sheets and pillowcases.

*Double sheets, fitted and flat, (305 pesos or US$15) will buy two sets of sheets and pillowcases.

*Towels, all sizes. 




To make a financial donation or to arrange pick-up or delivery of donated items see Casa’s webpage at