Three Musicians Bring Their Collaborative Sounds to San Miguel

Three Musicians Bring Their Collaborative Sounds to San Miguel

By Irineo Muñoz


This concert celebrates the yearly reunion held by three musicians who have come together to reflect on commonly shared questions that are profoundly artistic in their conception: how to capture nature’s overflowing beauty and translate that creative endeavor into harmoniously arranged sounds.  


Leonardo Prakash (sitar), Santiago Bartolomé (trumpet and flugelhorn), and Fede Díaz (guitar and composition) have collaborated for some years now on several musical projects while also continuing to develop as soloists. These artists reside in different parts of Latin America and are constantly performing in many international music festivals. 


Prakash spends much of his time between San Luis de Potosí (his hometown) and traveling the world, constantly touring on a variety of international stages to perfect his craft. Bartolomé is from Córdoba, Argentina. The time he spends with the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra is usually followed by a season of traveling, with the goal of completing previously undertaken musical and photographic projects. Díaz is also from Córdoba, Argentina. After completing a specialty in guitar, Díaz flew to the Mexican Caribbean, where he´s been residing for over 10 years. Since he left Córdoba, Díaz has been dedicated to refining his compositions and making these projects evolve into live performances that bring together collaborating artists from all around the world. 


Their first single, “Alcondor,” is the result of a Mexico-Argentina collaboration. 


“Alcondor” is a musical show first conceived in the Mexican Caribbean at the beginning of the pandemic. It comprises a repertoire of collaborative and soloist works. The intrinsic relationships among these artists and their origin stories, along with the experiences they have gathered along the way, permeates each of the musical performances with rhythmical influences that originate from South America, the Middle East, and some Afro-Cuban cultures. The rare acoustic interaction between the trumpet, sitar, and guitar produces a unique musical effect on each of the pieces. Some of these works were the result of pure improvisation. Others, over time, have matured enough to be written into symphonies. 


The trio will embark on a short tour of Mexico’s central valley that will culminate back in the Riviera Maya. They will be on stage at private concerts and in theaters while continuing to develop their own personal projects. This ensemble has come together with the shared purpose of continuing to refine its craft while producing new and original musical ideas. These ideas find their truest form of expression the moment they are shared on stage with you—and are thus propagated.