FICM Presents: “Cine para todxs”

FICM Presents: “Cine para todxs”

By Irineo Muñoz


“On the Billboard” Film Club, (Cine Club “En Cartelera”) was launched in February 2016 with the intention of providing a platform for the screening and dissemination of films produced in Mexico and Latin America, and of promoting film culture in general within the city of San Miguel de Allende. Some of the activities that the film club offers include film events for all audiences, courses, workshops, master classes, and conversations with film directors and producers. The club is also host to a number of events, such as the FICM Presents Tour, Ambulante Film Festival, 48-Hour Film Project, along with conversations with guest directors Roberto Fiesco, Natalia Beristaín, and Isaac Cherem.


The Cine Club’s mission is to represent a space dedicated to cinema and to offer programs open to all audiences. As its main values, the film club promotes equality, respect, and peaceful social interaction, as well as a love for Mexican cinema.


In 2018, the association Impulso a la Cultura Cinematográfica Independiente de México (Promoting Independent Film Culture of Mexico) was born and its primary goals are to provide formal support for the Cine Club, to maintain transparency in conducting all its activities and to defend the right to culture.


At this time Cine Club En Cartelera is the venue for the 2nd Cine Para Todxs tour by the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), showing free features from July to December.


The FICM is concerned about the crisis that the national cinema is going through due to the worldwide pandemic, which has given rise to different community cinema clubs in the country.


Therefore, Cine Club En Cartelera will be screening some films presented at FICM.


In August, five performances will be presented, on Tuesdays at 6pm:


Tuesday, August 3: The film “El ombligo de Guie’dani” (2018) directed by Xavi Sala. “Classism and racism in Mexico City.”


Tuesday August 10: The documentary “El hombre que vio demasiado,” (2015) directed by Trisha Ziff. “It is the attractive and admirable story of a man who has dared to observe the darker side of our society”.


Tuesday August 17: The 2012 movie “Halley,” directed by Sebastián Hofmann. “The movie remains on the edge of horror and drama, and always revolves around the theme of Loneliness.”


Tuesday August 24: The film “Las Tinieblas” (2016) directed by Daniel Castro Zimbrón.


“Explore the apocalyptic dream of an overprotective father.”


Tuesday, August 31: The documentary “Los ojos del mar” (2017) directed by José Álvarez.


“A documentary that follows an act full of lyricism and humanity.”


Do not miss these and all the functions that will be screened throughout the year at Cine Club En Cartelera.


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