Art Opening ““Timeless Landscapes”

Art Opening ““Timeless Landscapes”

By Arturo Aranda


Galeria Manuk has invited two great artists to show their work, the opening will be on July 15 at 5pm.


Marvin Berk and Adriana Romero from two different backgrounds, have used their artistic knowledge in photography, and mixed media to give us a collection of images called “Timeless Landscapes”.


Adriana Romero Ronstadt


Amazement and fascination to nature have always been Adriana Romero´s inspiration since she was a child.Travelling through the states of Morelos, Guerrero and Puebla, places where nature became her enigmatic and magical teacher.


Observing textures in stones, mountains, clouds, birds and bodies of water gave her unlimited information. 


Her work has been inspired mainly by spirituality rather than in social issues,


Adriana has been interested in working with symbolism, or metaphors with a certain sense of humor, so that everyone who sees her work can recreate their own personal story.


In her creative universe there is a meeting place where an interior dialogue is established. Landscapes appear that could belong to any space in time, as well as characters coming from the past or a scenery is constructed, illuminated by the light entering through a window where a winged creature humbly pays homage to the heart, creating a poetic image.


“I do not love you for who you are , but for who I am when I am with you .”

Adriana Romero 


Marvin Berk


Marvin Berk goal is to create appealing art that fosters conversations on issues of gender, politics, and a multitude of human conditions. 


The use of opposites: light and shadow, line and angle, color and tones, as well as attraction and aversion is a common theme in his work. 


Berk interest in art began at 4 years old. Aunt Ethel would take him to the New York Botanical Gardens to see landscapes, exotic greenhouse specimens, and The Bronx River. He studied the view and specific details, capturing them in his mind’s eye. He would then sketch that day’s explorations from memory. He found her to be a great source of liberation and contrast from his more conventional family. 


Marvin Berk currently lives in Mexico where death as well as the joys and struggles of daily life are acutely visible on the street, in the local art, song and music. 


“Marvin’s visuals and words are used to create surrealistic, amusing, and surprisingly strong emotions within my own world…interestingly, I find elements of humor throughout.”

  1. Morgenstern


If I were to sum up my art and my life, I would suggest the phrase: embrace the entirety, both joy and disappointment can lead you to richer outcome.

Marvin Berk.