ZOHO Gallery Ceramic Art Opening

ZOHO Gallery Ceramic Art Opening

By Edna Dickinson


You are invited to participate in the shared excitement of viewing Edna Dickinson’s most recent work of Raku fired ceramic platters at ZOHO Gallery in the Fabrica de Aurora. Ms. Dickinson has been one of San Miguel de Allende’s favorite artists for many years.


See her beautiful work that has come out of a year of isolation imposed by COVID-19. Let’s celebrate together the re-emergence of creativity into the public realm. See for yourself Dickinson’s bold, abstract, calligraphic designs reflected in this third series of ceramic platters.


Raku is a Japanese style of ceramic that goes back to the sixteenth century. Its origins spun out of Japanese tea ceremonies with a growing application to artistic ceramics worldwide. In essence, glowing red-hot pieces are pulled from the molten heat of the kiln and immediately placed in sawdust and smoked into unique, organic compositions. The glaze rapidly contracts from the shock, thus creating cracks and fragments of unpredictable beauty.


The variety created by this ceramic adventure is fascinating. In Dickinson’s work, one can see an interaction of lines that fall into lustrous golds and other colors, capable of triggering a willing imagination into the world created by the Raku process.


Dickinson’s experience in ceramics is well-grounded from studying art at California State University during the ’70s. This fascination continued through the ’80s when she earned a science degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and worked 20 years in research at a biotech startup, working with the team that developed a test for HIV. 


The synergy became evident with her love for science research and ceramics, pushing her to explore further the limits of clay and glazes and exploring a new edge in creativity. 


ZOHO Gallery will be having its first opening since the beginning of COVID, observing all regulations and limiting the number of people in the gallery. 


Please join us, or you can view the show on the ZOHO Gallery website: zohogallery.com. If you are interested in learning more about any of the platters, you can contact Tonina or Javier at zohogallery@gmail.com, phone: 415 152 8605. 

The gallery is offering presales.