SPA Matching Donations Offer and June Pets of the Month

SPA Matching Donations Offer and June Pets of the Month

By Megan Gabel and Jayn Corral


Your donations to the SPA’s Pet Food Money Bank fundraiser through June 30, 2021, will be matched by anonymous donors up to a total of US$2,000! All money raised will be applied to the annual cost of feeding our cats and dogs (about 100 in all). Our goal is 250,000 pesos (about US$13,500). For details, please see and click the “donate” button on any page. 


Jazmin is a sweet, affectionate, smart dog, eager to please but very frightened to go for a walk on the street. About 5-1/2 years old, she stretches her medium-large body next to you and presses against your leg so she can be patted. About 7 years old and large, Miny is playful, curious, friendly, very sweet, and just adorable. She’ll happily go for a walk but sometimes gets spooked by new sights and sounds. 


A loveable tabby, Oreo has a quiet, playful temperament and gets along well with other cats, kittens, and people. Ginger is a beautiful calico sweetheart, although very reclusive. She gets along well with other cats and kittens and enjoys receiving human attention but prefers not to be picked up. Both are about 1 year old.


Adopt any of these Pets of the Month during June and receive a free adoption kit. Meet them and all our available cats and dogs at the SPA, Los Pinos 7, Monday-Saturday between 11am and 2pm, 415 152 6124.