By Ramón Islas


Trained at the prestigious Gnessin music school in Russia, violinist Natalia Riazanova and pianist Uliana Akatova formed a duet in 2009 to perform a vast repertoire of chamber music written by great composers.


With two albums recorded, “Sonatas” and “Coahuila Romántica,” they have managed to quickly position themselves on Mexican stages and enchant the public at their concerts.


“Piazzolazo” is named after the concert in which they perform works by the extraordinary Argentine composer, Astor Piazzolla, who reimagined tango despite initial resistance from lovers of the genre, introducing it to concert halls around the world. Born in Buenos Aires in 1921, the virtuoso bandoneon player and composition student of Nadia Boulanger is admired and recognized throughout the world for his originality and the greatness of his prolific work.


It is a luxury to listen to these Muscovites, with whom the music acquires an unusual timbral touch, thanks to the masterful command of their instruments.


The ensemble works cohesively—they understand each other, allowing them a great flexibility of melodic lines and rich harmonic frameworks.


The Riazanova-Akatova duet is characterized by the clarity of style imprinted on their performances by the detailed phrasing of their work. Their meticulous work on the style and accentuation with the music of Piazzolla is what allows the public to appreciate and enjoy the drama, virtuosity, and lyricism of this Argentine giant. The duet makes the harmonic sounds of the bandoneon appear between the overtones.


“Piazzollazo” is made up of a careful selection of the composer’s most outstanding works such as the anthology “Historia del Tango,” his famous “Milonga del Angel” and “Milonga en re,” the iconic “Escualo,” and the requiem to his father considered a masterpiece, “Adiós Nonino,” among others, which make this concert an artistic event of great beauty.


We’d like you to attend this concert; you will surely enjoy an intelligent and expressive performance by Riazanova and Akatova, who will give life to the luminous music of Piazzolla, framed with flashes of humor and a picturesque description of life in the port reflected in the waters that embrace the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean at the foot of Buenos Aires, so dear to Piazzolla.