Jóvenes Adelante Hopefuls Share a Piece of Their Story: Part 5, “Pablo”

Jóvenes Adelante Hopefuls Share a Piece of Their Story: Part 5, “Pablo”

By Don Krim 


Fifth in a series focusing on new applicant stories. Each of these students was one of the initial 557 who applied. None of these featured students have been selected, nor are these their real names. Nor does sharing their story have any impact on their selection. These are machine translated and excerpted with permission.


Student: Pablo


Field of study: Programming


“I want to study a career for many things, especially to have a better quality of life, I live in a community called Calderón. This road to Celaya is very small and not very developed, so therefore I have to go to work at another place because there are no jobs.


The relationship with my family I could say is very good, even though my father is not with us and obviously that affects a family internally. Even so, we are a united family; trust is the most important and even more with my brothers, I think that is what has kept us emotionally united after the death of my father.


When I went to high school my mother helped me with the costs, but over time I said ‘no’ since she also has expenses for my little sister, although she receives the support of the Benito Juárez scholarship. But in general my mother is always there, also emotionally. 


My father was a very hard-working man, who was able to raise a family of seven members. At the time I was a teenager and did not understand how difficult it could be, but now I understand it and for that I admire him a lot.


My brothers and I each take care of our own school expenses since we all work. From what I earn and what I save, I set aside the school expenses–the most important thing. I have done that since high school, so it no longer costs me work. I manage myself, trying to do everything myself to learn how to spend and save money.


In five years I see myself finishing my degree and interning for a company in San Miguel de Allende or Querétaro, then starting to work to see the world of programming professionally. To get what I want I can sacrifice everything, be it family, moving, expenses, and so forth.


Being selected for Jovenes Adelante would help me a lot to follow my goal, which is to finish my degree. I would not have to work so much and it would be easier to cope with school expenses. It would be a way to motivate me to continue to achieve my dreams.”


In preparing this series, some of the stories this year are moving me to tears. Every single one of these kids should have the chance to finish school. Their dreams, and the dream of a better Mexico and San Miguel depend on it, on all of us. Won’t you join us? To support a student, please contact donkrim@jovenesadelante.org or visit www.jovenesadelante.org