Results of 2021 Biblioteca Annual Assembly Meeting

Results of 2021 Biblioteca Annual Assembly Meeting

The Assembly of the Biblioteca held its annual meeting on March 4, 2021. The President and the Treasurer each presented their 2020 annual report to the assembly. The assembly approved these reports. An extraordinary assembly meeting was also convened to approve revisions to the Bylaws which increased the size of the executive board by adding the positions for an Assistant Treasurer and an At Large 3 and At Large 4 positions. The extraordinary assembly also authorized the board to review the implications of new federal tax laws that may apply to the Biblioteca and take the appropriate actions to comply with the new law. At the meeting, new associates joined the assembly and new officers were elected to the board of directors. The new assembly and members of its executive board are listed below: 


President – Debra Broussard

Vice President – Carmen Rioja

Treasurer- Gerardo Espinosa

Assistant Treasurer- Robert Remak

Secretary- Jennifer Posner

At large 1- Stephanie Bubela

At large 2- Sally Avigdor



Rick Brunson

Rossana Conte

Liz San Elias

Pat Ellsworth 

Ana Delia Lopez Rodriquez

Susan O’Neil

Jean Paul Peretz

Corneila Ulrich

Federico Vidargas

Ali Zerriffi


Please see the Atencion website for a more detailed look back at 2020 activities and finances in our Annual Report