Daily Cat Blog

Daily Cat Blog

By Jayn Corral


The SPA cat volunteers have a tradition of sending a daily report (blog) to each other so we can know what is going on before we arrive to take our shift. With a limited number of volunteers allowed during our stringent Covid precautions we have come to know our SPA cats better than we know most of our own family members. 


It is so interesting to learn how cats respond differently to different volunteers. Most of our cats get along well; they appreciate attention and treats from all of us. But there are some that are more (or less) accepting of particular volunteers. For example, Robin and I are great pals yet another volunteer reported, “Robin didn’t like me today. On the fifth swat with blood, I gave up.” Yet another said, “Robin actually came down to where I was petting Collins and Nicky and insinuated herself right into the petting.” 


About Kahlua, the chatter was, “Then to my surprise, Kahlua came down from her favorite shelf and started playing with the wand toy and a ball. She seemed to have a great time.” However, when I am there, Kahlua is aloof remaining on her shelf and expecting treats to be “servicio a domicilio.” 


Remy is the perfect kitty. When he first arrived he was so tiny and the bigger kitties would play and knock him over every time. He would be a little stunned, get up on his feet, and continue to play. He is such a happy guy! Another volunteer added, “Perfect? Well almost. If only he would stop playing in the water bowl.”


Xel-Ha was eager for love as usual and amazingly so was Onyx. She kept pushing her head under my hand for attention, which I happily provided. She then had fun chasing the wand toy with Bob. Onyx has shown no interest in becoming my friend.


Our current volunteers as well as former volunteers say they look forward to and enjoy reading about the antics and developments of our cat residents. We are privileged to be able to visit with our feline friends at the SPA during the Covid limitations. We are hopeful that we will soon be able to welcome new volunteers and visitors to meet our wonderful cats and to love them as we do. 


Maybe our volunteers’ descriptions of our cats entice you to make one of them part of your family. Cats available for adoption are shown on our website (www.spasanmiguel.org)–the “Adopt Me (Cats)” page. Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday, 11am-2pm, Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124. More details about our adoption process are also shown on our website.