Covid vaccines for all Sanmiguelenses

Covid vaccines for all Sanmiguelenses

At an intense city council meeting, nine of the 12 members approved 16 million pesos in financial resources to buy Covid vaccines. These monies are in addition to state and federal funds. 


The topic was the most discussed at the meeting on March 2. Among the many issues, opposing party councilors questioned when, how, and where the vaccines would be purchased? Who would apply them? Where would they be stored? They proposed giving the money (400 pesos) directly to people in order to support them economically. However, Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal asserted that if a survey was conducted, most people would prefer the vaccine instead of the money. 


He said, “The vaccines will be for all Sanmiguelenses (between 18 and 60), those who were born here, and of course for those who live in San Miguel”. He also made it clear that the vaccines will not be used as an electoral prop, since their application will be handled by the state health system. 


Villarreal added that the purchase will be through the National Confederacy of Governors; will receive 20 million doses from Pfizer, and follow the federal government protocols for its distribution and application. 


Francisco Domínguez, the governor of Querétaro, recently said that Pfizer told the confederacy that of the 20 million vaccines, they can deliver 1.5 million in April, seven million in June, and the rest from July to December 2021.