Of the vaccine, the first ones. More than five thousand doses were applied

Of the vaccine, the first ones. More than five thousand doses were applied

Despite the misinformation generated by municipal, state, and federal workers, the first vaccination campaign against the SARSCOV-2 virus in San Miguel was cataloged as successful by the Chief of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, Jorge Vidargas, due to the response of the people and the number of vaccines administered.


Juana Muñoz (83 years old) from Barrio El Tecolote was the first to receive the Pfizer dose in Zeferino Gutiérrez-iba park along with her sister. She told Atención that her nephew had been trained since 11 pm the day before, and she arrived at 6 am. Now she is left to live, she said, “whatever God decides”.

Juanita Muñoz

Despite the misinformation generated by the workers, the first foreigner to be vaccinated was Anthony Christiansen-his number was 30. He shared with Atención that he brought his passport, CURP, and even proof of address, but the procedure was simple and fast. He would celebrate this first dose with a cake. The line stretched at Zeferino, and even at 11am people were still arriving. In the hope of receiving the biologic.


Anthony Christiansen

Atención toured several of the points, each one applying an average of 1,400 vaccinations in three days, or until they run out, from the CBTIS (where there were people from urban and rural areas, as well as foreigners), the facilities of the Municipal Sports Commission, and VIBA, to the Unidad Deportiva and IMSS.

The lines and stories were repeated. Family members were organized, scheduled to take turns, get a number and take the senior close to the door.


The first dose application occurred without inconsistencies, and tomorrow the vaccination sites will be open from 8am-8pm; or until the doses run out. One recipient, mentioned that after being vaccinated, she was told that in 21 days they could have the second application, however they will receive a call, or they will be notified through the second application campaign.


Line to get the vaccine

“Today we will achieve five thousand applications (of the 14,431 doses). The operation that was set up to achieve this was extraordinary. We mobilized many people from the health sector. In four hours in the COMUDE we applied 500 vaccines, with five vaccination tables, it is an extraordinary number” mentioned Vidargas. He assured that in the city there are about 20 thousand adults over 60 years old, and as some thousands have already been vaccinated in other cities, this number (14,431) could be enough to cover this sector.


Vaccine arrival