The Public University Has Grown

The Public University Has Grown

The Technological University of San Miguel has a satellite campus in Doctor Mora (in northeast Guanajuato state) that has already graduated two classes. It has grown and now boasts new classrooms and structural improvements. Although students currently do not attend classes, the university is ready to expand enrollment.


The state government invested 10.5 million pesos in the campus “for a quality education for the youth of Doctor Mora and the region.” In addition to Dr Mora, students come from San José Iturbide, San Luis de la Paz, Victoria, Tierra Blanca, and Xichú. At present, there are degrees in Administration, Project Formulation and Evaluation, Mechatronics, and Sustainable and Protected Agriculture.


Construction of the space took place in two stages: 4.9 million pesos were invested in the executive project and the building’s first floor, which has three classrooms, a computer room, a health services module, disability-friendly toilets, and a perimeter path with tactile guide for the visually impaired.


In the second stage, 5 million 646 thousand pesos were invested in completing the classroom building’s upper floor, which has five classrooms, a stairwell with handrail, an elevator, a tactile guide for visually impaired, and general signage.


At the end of February, Guanajuato State’s Secretary of Infrastructure and Communications  said at the Dr Mora campus’ expansion inauguration that “in Guanajuato a modern educational infrastructure is being built where, above all, students are being prepared and educated for relevant careers. Graduates will have the opportunity to achieve the greatest professional and therefore economic development for the benefit of their families and their communities.”