Poetry: The Way of Women

Poetry: The Way of Women

By Margo Johnson


They stand, often not seen nor heard.

They comfort, often without being comforted

They give, often unrewarded nor thanked.

They serve, often undertaking the lowest tasks.

They volunteer, leaving a piece of themselves with those who are in desperate need

They feed, they create, they comfort, they serve, they shield,

Their gifts often unknown.


A piece of themselves marks their passage,

A soft word, a loving touch and an encouraging whisper

Selflessly given; gratefully received, perhaps long remembered.


It is the Way of Women

Leaders toward peace and conciliation,

Marching toward progress without conflict

They are mothers, daughters, aunts, dreamers, artists, teachers 

Bus drivers, doctors, janitors, caregivers,

Firefighters, defenders, feminists, housewives,

Executives, cooks, farm-workers, entrepreneurs.

Protesters, organizers, supporters.


The Women past, present and into the future

Who have given, are giving and will give to those who cry,

To those who need comfort, to those lost in their pain.


The Women who have demanded justice, shouted for fairness, 

Who have established schools, libraries, 

Who have protected history and demanded better, 

Who speak for those without a voice.


This day let us recognize the strength,

The multiple roles, the ability to soothe,

The burdens they shoulder, the peace they bring


Let us applaud their struggle for impartiality, their demand for equality,

Celebrate their reach for deserved recognition, and affirm

Their successes threaten no one.


It is the Way of Women

To Choose to Challenge,

To serve, perhaps unseen or unnoticed but always

Leading the world to a higher place


Who doesn’t want to be a Woman?

For she is the balance in a world of imbalance.