Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets

By Megan Gabel


We can all chip in to help dogs and cats lead safer more secure lives in San Miguel de Allende. Here’s how.


Important information: 

  1. Emergency help: 911
  2. Canine Control Center, located behind the Presidencia: 415 154 7200
  3. Radio San Miguel, Sollano 4: 415 152 0227 or 415 152 0799
  4. Civil List San Miguel: https://groups.io/g/CivilSMA1
  5. Pet SOS San Miguel de Allende Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/745106518845566
  6. The SPA, Los Pinos 7: 415 152 6124
  7. Preventative steps: an identification tag greatly enhances the likelihood of reuniting a pet with its owner.


If You Lose Your Pet:


  1. Visit the Canine Control Center at least every other day. An animal picked up by the Canine Control Center may have only a few days to live, so act promptly. The SPA was lucky to have rescued Fina and Travis from the Canine Control Center.
  2. Contact Radio San Miguel. Describe your pet in detail and offer a reward.
  3. Post photos and a bilingual description in the area where your pet was last seen, offering a reward for a safe return. 
  4. Post details and photos on the various IO Groups geared to San Miguel de Allende, in particular, the Civil List, and on Pet SOS.
  5. Bring a photo with details to the SPA to post. 


If You Find A Pet:


  1. Approach any stray animal with caution, offering food and water. If the animal seems too frightened and aggressive, get help from a skilled professional or the Canine Control Center. For cats too timid or frightened to approach humans, consider borrowing one of the SPA’s humane cat traps.
  2. If the animal is not aggressive, take the animal to a vet as soon as possible. Our SPA vet (and others) will examine the stray, determine health status, and start vaccinations and any other necessary treatment.
  3. Post details and photos on the Civil List and Pet SOS.
  4. Bring a photo with details to the SPA to post.
  5. Listen to Radio San Miguel to see if anyone has advertised about losing a pet of that description.
  6. If you cannot keep the animal permanently, put the dog or cat on the appropriate SPA waiting list. However, be aware that you are responsible for the animal you found and that the wait for space at the SPA may be long.
  7. If you cannot give the animal a temporary home, please find a foster or boarding situation. Please call the SPA for suggestions.



Report instances of animal abuse by calling 911. The dispatcher will take the report and forward it to Canine Control Center personnel, who then will go out right away to check the situation. Don’t give up–be persistent. English-speaking dispatchers are available because of our large expat community. These reports can also be anonymous. 


Please note that the SPA is not equipped to help rescue a stray dog or cat, find a lost pet, or get involved with a situation involving animal abuse. We wish we had the personnel and finances to help all needy animals!