Interested in Radically Changing a Young Life?

Interested in Radically Changing a Young Life?

By Nora Weaver


Jóvenes Adelante (JA), A.C., began when a small group of local citizens recognized the potential of extraordinarily bright but very poor youngsters in San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding campo towns. Over the last 20 years, community support has allowed Jóvenes to grow to 106 current students with 96 amazing mentors. Jóvenes now has over 200 graduates and an 85 percent graduation rate compared to a national average of 26 percent. This is a testament to JA’s multifaceted program that goes beyond financial assistance to foster academic and personal success. In addition to their scholarship, each student receives a computer, a sponsor who funds their four to five year education, staff support, emotional counseling if needed, a graduate support network, and an individual mentor.


One of JA’s current mentors said, “My greatest honor and pleasure in Mexico is getting to know these students and their lovely families!”


Jóvenes is beginning to search for Mentor candidates for the fall 2021 class of students. Would you or someone you know be interested in becoming a JA Mentor? 


The requirements: 

  • Conversationally comfortable in Spanish and English. 
  • Able to meet with your assigned student at least once a month for a coaching session. 
  • Willing to write one report to Jóvenes Adelante each month documenting the progress and challenges of your student academically, financially, emotionally, and personally. 
  • Service-oriented and interested in helping mold young university students into becoming the best students and people they can become.
  • Available for Mentor training in late June or early July of this year. Training will be conducted in a Zoom video session if health and safety doesn’t allow a group training session.


It is not always possible to match a student with the career background of the Mentor, but when possible, it is very helpful. This is especially important in the areas of medicine and engineering. Even before the pandemic, more students stated a desire to become doctors, nurses, and dentists. People in the medical professions who are not inundated with COVID-19 work would make ideal candidates. 


If you know people who would enjoy serving in the role of JA Mentor, please have a conversation with them. If they are interested in talking about the possibility, please send their name, phone number, and email to mentor program leaders who will be happy to contact them. 


Thanks, San Miguel, for your ongoing support in changing young lives, the lives of their families, communities and the culture in this region!


Nora Weaver (Director Mentor Programs):

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