General Annual Meeting of the Assembly of Associados 2021

General Annual Meeting of the Assembly of Associados 2021

The Executive Board of La Biblioteca Pública de San Miguel de Allende, A.C., invites all Associados Members to participate in the General Annual Meeting of the Assembly of Associados 2021 and an Extraordinary Session, scheduled for Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 10 am via Zoom. The meeting link will be at your mail in advance.



  1. Convene General Meeting Chaired by President Ali Zerriffi
  2. Welcome Remarks by Carmen Rioja, Secretary
  3. Introduction of Proposed New Associados by Carmen Rioja, Secretary.
    1. Motion to add New Associados to Assembly/Vote
  4. President’s Report by Ali Zerriffi, President
    1. Move to Approve the Report/Vote
  5. Treasurer’s Report by Gerardo Espinosa, Treasurer
    1. Move to Approve/Vote
  6. 2021 Board Priorities  by Jennifer Posner, Vocal 1
  7. 2021 Budget by Debra Broussard, Vice President
    1. Move to Approve/Vote
  8. Election of positions with expiring terms:  President, Vocal 2, by Secretary
  9. President recommendation and Board approval to fill Positions with unexpired terms:  Vice President, Secretary, Vocal 1
  10. Close General Meeting, Secretary
  11. Convene Extraordinary Meeting Chaired by New President (New Secretary)
  12. Bylaws Revision (Associate – Gregory Diamant, former Vocal 2)
    1. Motion to Approve/Vote
  13. Election to fill newly created Board positions:  Assistant Treasurer, Vocal 3 and Vocal 4, (New Secretary)
  14. Presentation concerning new 2021 Tax Regime Impact on Biblioteca  (New President)
    1. Motion to Authorize Board to respond to tax
  15. Close Extraordinary Meeting (New Secretary)


¡Best wishes and look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

President, Alí Zerriffi

Vice President, Debra Broussard

Treasurer, Gerardo Espinosa

Secretary,  Carmen Rioja

Vocal 1, Jenniffer Posner

Vocal 2, Gregory Diamant