Ash Wednesday at Home

Ash Wednesday at Home

The municipal government of San Miguel de Allende reported that the municipal churches will remain closed on “Ash Wednesday,” next Wed., Feb. 17, in order to avoid crowds and the spread of COVID-19 infections.


Priests of local churches will perform the religious ceremony behind closed doors and the mass will be broadcast by official digital media so that Catholics can tune in from home, for its part, the San Miguel Oratory will offer broadcasts at 8 a.m., 12:30 a.m., and 7 p.m.


Starting on Sun., Feb. 14 until Tues., Feb. 16, the churches will distribute bags with ash so that Catholics may proceed with the religious ceremony from home. The ash bags will be distributed according to each church’s established schedules.


Also, due to health protocols in the municipality, the traditional Feb. 17 “carnival” will be suspended.


Priests from the San Miguel Arcángel Parish pointed out that the ash they will be providing might not be enough and invited the San Miguel population to make their own ash and take it to get blessed.


According to the priests, the ash can be made with blessed palms from last year used in the “Palm Sunday” masses, or worn paper images of saints.


Currently, San Miguel de Allende is in red epidemiological traffic light so centers of worship, temples, and churches will remain open with a capacity of 30 percent.



Sources: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende, San Miguel Oratory, Parish of San Miguel Arcángel.