Calderoni presents Maru Vázquez, extraordinary artist with 45 years of experience

Calderoni presents Maru Vázquez, extraordinary artist with 45 years of experience

By Jade Arroyo


Galería Calderoni will feature t for the first time in the city the renowned Mexican painter Maru Vázquez, who has a fruitful career in the art world for over 45 years. The inauguration of Maru’s work will be tomorrow, Saturday, February 12, at Galería Calderoni, within Fábrica La Aurora.


She has been a painter since childhood, not only based on drawing, but on the free search for harmony and structure. From the beginning, she has been an artist who knows how to jump from illustrative aesthetics to the practice of an ethic of taste capable of giving meaning to matter, in such a way that her work turns out at each stage, a teleological moral work. She wants create signs capable of transmitting sensations, ideas and realities.


In previous series as well as in the current one, the depth of spaces, the tension and the density of events enriched by fine textures, material thickness and movements and transparent and clear tones are admired even within the shades of chiaroscuro.


Maru Vázquez was born in Mexico in 1960. She entered art in a lyrical and circumstantial way, in 1975, working with oil. Later she was perfecting her technique and taking classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, graphic design, art history, human figure, object art, engraving, batik, mixed media, abstractionism, monotype, resins and molds, and experimental painting. .


She has a Bachelor of Graphic Communication from the Academia de San Carlos, as well as a Master of Visual Arts from UNAM.


She has participated in more than 105 group exhibitions and 36 solo shows both in Mexico and in the United States, South America and Europe. She has work in permanent collections in Mexico, Paris, Berlin, Bermuda, Texas, and Cabo San Lucas.


She won second place at the First Biennial of Contemporary Latin American Art in Barcelona in 2004.


“Talking about everything that has happened to me with and through art would lead me to a whole book; every stroke, every moment, every color and every story. They have been wonderful experiences in which, through colors, textures and shapes, I have been able to give way to my wildest dreams and my deepest concerns. These 45 years have been the best of my existence because they have been given to my greatest passion: Art. “Maru concludes.