This One’s For You, Paco

This One’s For You, Paco

By Harry Burrus


Paco is a feisty, enthusiastic, small to medium, café-cream-colored lad of four years. He arrived at the SPA a year ago, rescued from animal control at the 11th hour. He’s a go-go kind of guy. As you approach his casita, you see straight away his eagerness for a walk; his whole body shakes, rattles, and rolls―in a good way. He’d make Bill Haley proud. He’s immediately likable.


On the sidewalk and street, he tends not to walk in a straight line. If he notices a street dog moving his way, he might deliver a strong shout-out bark and then continue his expedition. He’s a non-discriminate sniffer. A dedicated student of smells with an advanced degree, he won’t take a chance on missing any aroma that reveals a history of what has preceded him.


Paco is an active sportsman with his SPA group, and he cherishes playing and interacting, challenging others to match his energy. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on him. Paco doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s all in—a good reminder for me to be whenever I engage a project. Another good life example I glean from Paco is his appreciation for the now. He doesn’t fret about the past or waste time worrying about the future or consider what-if scenarios. After all, there’s no point. The present is what matters to him and he devours it.


Legendary trumpeter Louis Armstrong in a 1932 command performance for the king of England said, “This one’s for you, Rex.” As I write this in 2021, I think, “This one’s for you, Paco.”


If you are thinking about adopting, please consider Paco and other SPA animals (cats or dogs) as a possible new family member. Our available cats and dogs are on our website, the “Adopt Me” pages. Our adoption fee is only 600 pesos and includes all current vaccinations, deworming, and sterilization. Our adoption hours at the SPA, Los Pinos #7, are Mon.-Sat. between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Only one person may enter the SPA for an adoption interview. That person must wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from SPA personnel.


Please help support the SPA by bringing your dogs and cats to the SPA’s clinic to receive care from our great veterinarian, Dr. Omar Córdova. We offer lower-cost services and special prices and hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Call 415 152 6124 for more information and an appointment.