The Next Generation Will Read About This in History Books

The Next Generation Will Read About This in History Books

By Irene Fuentes Varela


We certainly live in difficult times. Many families have lost beloved members, many have lost their jobs, and many businesses have been affected. Here and there we hear the stories of this pandemic caused by COVID-19, but what do children have to tell? How have they experienced these times?


As an activity to encourage creativity and writing, at Ojalá Niños, children of the San Miguel Viejo community were asked to tell us how they have experienced the pandemic by drawing a picture, making a comic strip, or writing a story. Eleven girls and 12 boys from four to 14 years old participated in this activity, telling us about their experiences and their wishes, and the results were moving!


Many expressed how at the beginning of the quarantine, they did not understand what was happening, only that they had to remain at home and avoid meeting with other people. Most talked about how much they miss going to school and seeing their friends; they also talked about how difficult it has been for their families to cope with the situation. But all mentioned the importance of taking care of each other by using facemasks, washing their hands, and staying home so that the pandemic ends sooner and we can return to normality. 


We want you to know some of their messages:


“We can’t go to school, we can’t play, we can’t visit our grandparents, and I want COVID-19 to be gone,” Fernando, five years old.


“Today, I thank God because I have my whole family, and I ask him for a job for my dad and good health for my whole family and for this disease to end,” Bryan, eight years old.


“Let’s take care of COVID-19, wear facemasks, and wash our hands as many times as possible,” Abril, nine years old.


“…We used to go out to celebrate my birthday with my family. This year we will not be able to do it, but the good thing is all my family is with me…” Miranda, 12 years old.


“When the quarantine started, I thought for sure this would end soon, but no! …I would like to go back to normal, to go to high school and see my friends again and say hello because I miss them so much,” Cindy, 14 years old.


They understood everything, maybe better than us.


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