Federal Government Opens COVID Vaccination Registration for Older Adults

Federal Government Opens COVID Vaccination Registration for Older Adults

The Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López Gatell announced in a press conference that registrations will open for people 60 years of age or older to request the COVID-19 vaccine. López Gatell explained that the online platform “My vaccine from the Federal Government” will be used for registration.


To register, you must visit the website https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx and enter your Unique Population Registration ID (CURP). The portal will display personal data automatically and you must select the option “I want to get vaccinated.”


As a requirement, a telephone number or email address where you can receive a password must be registered in order to confirm the process.


In rural communities people can register at integrated development centers, or report to the visit of representatives from the Department of Welfare, designated “servants of the nation.”


Upon completion, registrants will receive a call or email indicating the date and place of vaccination.


It is recommended for people to arrive 15 minutes before the vaccination appointment time and stay hydrated; it is not a requirement to go on an empty stomach. Once the dose is applied, people must remain under observation for 30 minutes.


Source: Federal Government

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