From Cobblestones to Stamped Concrete

From Cobblestones to Stamped Concrete

In January the installation of stamped concrete on Avenida Principal la Luz began. The avenue connects Residencial la Luz, Fraccionamiento Jardines, and Insurgentes. Work to install stamped concrete on Calle Ignacio Allende in Colonia San Rafael, stretching from Avenida Guadalupe to the Libramiento Manuel Zavala, also commenced.


The potable water pipeline and drainage will be changed, and 40 street lights will be added, for a total of 70 in the section that connects Calle No Me Olvides with Paseo de los Conspiradores.


In 2016, when Paseo de los Conspiradores was repaved, vehicular traffic had to cross the cobblestoned Avenida Principal la Luz, which left it damaged. Arturo Ramírez, from Residencial la Luz, commented, “It is good that this change was contemplated. Since the street repair was made, there has been more traffic here. It is a good undertaking to fix the road for greater safety and comfort. It is one of the most important needs in the area.”


At the presentation of the project to residents of the relevant neighborhoods they were told that the work will be carried out in six stages to avoid large-scale road and business closures. Work began on Jan. 11 and is expected to conclude on June 27. Guadalupe Palacios, one of the first inhabitants of the Insurgentes subdivision, indicated that the neighborhood was “ugly” before, but thanks to the projects that various people and administrations have carried out, now “it is very beautiful.” “Thanks to all the people who built the parish for us. Not everyone has the determination to access the resources and carry out projects like Mayor Villarreal does. You have to know how to recognize the good things. Thank you. I hope no one opposes this project; it is an opportunity that any neighborhood would like to have.”


A meeting also took place on Jan. 12 with residents of Avenida Guadalupe. For the installation of stamped concrete on one kilometer of Calle Ignacio Allende, 20 million pesos will be invested. That project began on Jan. 18 and is projected to conclude on May 23. As on Avenida la Luz, the work will be carried out in stages—four in this case—to avoid closing streets and interfering with businesses. The hydraulic infrastructure will also be changed and 30 street lights will be added, for a total of 70.