Candidates have started Declaring Themselves for Upcoming General Elections

Candidates have started Declaring Themselves for Upcoming General Elections

Independent candidates, as well as candidates from diverse parties are preparing to contend for the various positions up for popular election: federal and local deputies; city council members; and one that many covet—the mayorship.


Current Municipal Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal has already signed up with his party (PAN) to run for a second consecutive term, while Osvaldo García Arteaga, a member of Villarreal’s cabinet, resigned from the Department of Social and Human Development to possibly run for mayor. The campaigns will officially kick off in March 2021, and will conclude with the election on Sun, June 6.


García’s father, Salvador García, was mayor of San Miguel for two terms, Osvaldo García worked as director of Social Development for the last five years. Osvaldo resigned from his position on Dec. 14. The municipal administration announced the resignation in a statement, and Osvaldo García confirmed it the next day, stating that the action “responds to deep reflection on the need to strengthen new opportunities to continue working in favor of our society,” hinting at a possible run for the mayorship. His statement continued, “These are times of change and of rethinking with a new, close, and inclusive leadership, solutions to the various problems that we have.” Osvaldo added that San Miguel needs an open-door government based on dialogue and respect for the freedoms of all.


The former official promised to talk with Atención San Miguel, but that has not materialized. So far Osvaldo García has not confirmed whether he will run for the mayorship under the flag of his party, PAN, or if he would run under the aegis of another political institution or social group. On Dec. 16, President Luis Alberto Villarreal registered his intention to run with his party (PAN), along with current trustee Verónica Agundis Estrada, for a second term.


“With loyalty, conviction, passion, heart, commitment, and #PorAmorASanMiguel, I have registered with PAN Guanajuato my intention to continue with the people, by the people, and serving the people from the Municipal Presidency. #VieneLoMejor (#thebestisyettocome) #MuchoMejor (#theverybest),” wrote the mayor.