Art opening “Permanent Painting”

Art opening “Permanent Painting”

On Friday, December 11, the art exhibition “Permanent Painting” opened at the Cardinal Gallery on Mesones 76A, in San Miguel de Allende. Nine Mexican artists are featured in what Curator Ixchel Ledesma calls an exhibition of contemporary art which seeks to “evoke” and “question” the meaning of painting. 

At the opening, all pandemic related health measures were implemented. Prior registration was also required in order to attend the event. Curator Ledesma addressed those present and explained each of the paintings on display, as well as giving a brief description of how each of the pieces were done. 

“The idea of ​​painting begins as a question following a suggestion; this is what is represented in the gallery and the exhibition,” Ledesma said.

The opening was attended by Alejandro Mejía and Catalina Gris, two of the Mexican artists who are part of the exhibit. Both artists mingled with the attendees; they explained the meaning of some of their works and the feeling they wish to convey with their artistic pieces.

“I am very conscious that the ingredients be noticed; that is to say that the paint, canvas, wood, acrylic, imprinting, and oil should be seen as part of the work, like a musical composition; that it can function as a unit,” said Catalina Gris.

After the guided tour, attendees could take photos before the works, talk with the artists, as well as with curator Ixchel Ledesma. The artists fully demonstrated their talent with their paintings, photographs and installations. The Mexican artists who are taking part in the exhibit are: Raquel Barrios, Mariana Ferreiro, Rocío Gordillo, Catalina Gris, Alejandro Mejía, Isaac Ramírez, Cosa Rapozo, Paulina Romero and Berta Kolteniuk. The exhibition “Permanent Painting” will be on display for 3 months at the Cardinal Gallery. For information or questions you may contact them at: 473 560 5850.