Will They Ever Have a Home?

Will They Ever Have a Home?

By Jayn Corral

Nadia has been at the SPA since November 2017. Now about four years old, she is a beautiful gray and almost pink tabby/calico girl with a fun personality. She is one of the first cats to greet volunteers and enjoys their company. She loves to play with her toys and with her best feline friends. So why has she spent her entire life at the SPA?

Sheridan has only been at the SPA since September 2020. She is a lovely black and white tuxedo two-year-old that enjoys lounging in the sun overlooking the puppies. She loves to spend time with human visitors and is comforted by their presence. Occasionally she will play with a toy or with another cat. So why is her future bleak for finding a forever home?

The answer to these questions is because they will require that perfect, special (rare) adopter. Nadia is extremely selective about whom she lets into her life. She was adopted once, but after a week, the adopter brought her back, stating, “I think she hates me!” I understood because Nadia has, on several occasions, attacked a new cat as that was introduced into “Nadia’s territory.” She gladly accepts some cats, yet emphatically rejects others. We don’t know why or how she determines her friends or her enemies.

I am afraid that Sheridan is facing a long stay at the SPA, which is sad because she is very unhappy. She obviously had a family and home at some time in her past. This drastic change in her circumstances has overwhelmed and confused her. While she likes human attention, she does very little to entice an adopter. 

These are great cats, but their options are limited. We hope one day people will take the time to get to know and understand them and be willing to shower them with love in their own homes.

Until then, Nadia and Sheridan are safe at the SPA. We will provide food, care, shelter, and love to them for as long as it takes or as long as they live, whichever comes first. Please help us help them and all our resident cats and dogs. All new donations to the SPA through Dec. 31, up to a total of US$2,500, will be MATCHED! It’s easy to donate online via PayPal at www.spasanmiguel.org (“Donate” button, top of each page) or on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spasanmiguel (“Shop now” button, just below the banner). You may also donate by Mexican or U.S. check written to “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” (full name required) or by U.S. check to “San Miguel Community Foundation” (for a U.S. tax receipt) (mark for SPA). Checks may be dropped off at the SPA, Los Pinos 7, or at any La Conexión location (mark envelope “SPA, PMB 18”). Please email info@spasanmiguel.org with questions or call 4151526124.

No donation is too little (or too big). We are very grateful for your help.