Jóvenes Adelante Announces Challenge Grant For 2021 Sponsorship Campaign

Jóvenes Adelante Announces Challenge Grant For 2021 Sponsorship Campaign

By Don Krim

Jóvenes Adelante has received an anonymous challenge grant, just in time: students are already applying! The purpose of the US$18,000 challenge is to encourage those for whom a full sponsorship is out of reach, to fund a half sponsorship and double their impact. With the match, a monthly donation for five years of only US$75 or CA$99 can create a first generation college student in a SMA family. The match can help create four new full sponsorships, and expires Christmas Day, 2020.

Recent graduate Eberardo Hernandez writes: “…What I am sure of, is that Jóvenes Adelante completely changed my life. I am no longer that shy, scared and insecure boy today, thanks to you. I have become a good person, with clear values ​​and objective. As if this were not enough, today I have the honor of telling my family that I am a professional, that my dream came true and all this thanks to you, wonderful people. I am and will be eternally grateful.”

These words, this experience will reverberate in a family, and in a community. That is what Jóvenes Adelante is all about. Every new generation of college-educated students impacts the next, rippling through families as socio-economic mobility increases.

In 2021 another 25-30 new students will join our current 100+ students and nearly 200 thriving graduates. JA never accepts a student until financial assistance for five years of educational support is pledged or secured. We depend primarily on individual sponsors, contributing less than US$150 a month to see a promising scholar succeed and flourish. 

JA is already receiving student inquiries from our radio advertisements, and our revised application process is already screening eager applicants. The more sponsors we have, the more students will benefit, not only from the generous scholarship our sponsors make possible, but from the premium package JA offers, the most complete support package in Mexico with mentors, counseling, a new laptop, success skills, professional credentials, and a graduate network. Student applicants can find application information on the website now.

To find out more about how to participate in the challenge grant, please contact donkrim@jovenesadelante.org. Time and space is limited. And please visit our new website jovenesadelante.org, or contact us at 415 150 0030 for more information.