Facemasks for Communities of San Miguel

Facemasks for Communities of San Miguel

The charitable organization Amigos al 100 in conjunction with Casa Dragones donated KN95-style facemasks to the Patronato Pro Niños, La Biblioteca and the San Miguel Red Cross, to then be distributed to San Miguel communities that need them.

The masks were designed by the Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernández with spaces for filters that help efficiently filter air, and they have logos of the different organizations to which they were donated: the Public Library, the Red Cross, and Patronato Pro Niños.

Leticia Fernández of the Red Cross, Miguel Fuentes of the Public Library and Guadalupe Landeros of Patronato Pro Niños were in charge of receiving the facemasks. The event was attended by Adrián Evans representing Casa de Dragones. The delivery of facemasks took place in the temporary facilities of Amigos al 100.

“We manufacture [facemasks] for communities here in San Miguel de Allende, to show a hand, a hug to the people of San Miguel,” Evans commented at the event.

The masks will be distributed to the communities that require them. Each organization will be in charge of explaining the security measures. The use of face masks is mandatory in the municipality.