Conforming to the International Standard

Conforming to the International Standard

Each year, more than 7,000 free emergency medical services are provided by the Red Cross, be it for a car accident, a fire, a fall, or a fight. The organization’s main office is on the Libramiento Manuel Zavala, and a branch is on Avenida las Américas. The services the Red Cross provides are possible thanks to the work of more than 250 volunteers.

The Red Cross paramedics are very pleased because the Board of Directors issued new uniforms that they are wearing with pride, and which reflect their principles of solidarity, humanity, impartiality, volunteerism, universality, independence, and neutrality.

In June of this year, the National Red Cross headquarters announced the change of image in its uniforms for each of the institution’s sections to conform with those of the International Red Cross. The change helps identify the paramedics and differentiate them from other public or private services.

On Sun., Nov. 15, members of the Board of Directors of the Red Cross in San Miguel, headed by its president, Leticia Fernández, Treasurer Luis Arellano, Medical Coordinator Dr Vázquez, and Fundraising Coordinator Zonia Torres delivered the first 20 uniforms to the paramedics, who showed them off with smiles.

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