David Mendoza presents “Healing Dance Concert”

David Mendoza presents “Healing Dance Concert”

By Ellie Harold


David Mendoza is one of the San Miguel treasures, not just one of the best violín interpreters, but a very interesting composer as well. The English Grammy nominee Michael Hoppè (who has David as part of his shows around the country) praise David as “wonderfully expressive violin…one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear.” 


When the pandemic shut things down, artists—particularly gig musicians—literally wondered where the money for their next meal would come from. In the U.S., it was possible to apply for emergency grants and loans from almost 500 different art foundations. In Mexico, no such safety nets existed. 


Still, even in the absence of income, professional musicians continued to work. David Mendoza, a consummate professional, not only maintained his daily violin practice routine (as well as piano drills and drum workouts), but he used the quarantine to begin composing new music. 


He had hoped to be touring and promoting his first album that debuted in August of this year as the soundtrack for my art installation BIRDS FLY IN: A Human Refuge at the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort, Michigan; however, we were unable to procure a visa for his performance—and then came COVID. The pandemic, however, didn’t thwart the migration-inspired, avian-themed interactive exhibit. Drawing a record number of visitors over a five-week period, David’s original music formed the soulful core of an experience that moved many to tears. 


While his music worked its “Birds Fly In” magic, David was hard at work and sending me new tunes. I wasn’t spending much time in my studio, and I hadn’t really paid attention to David’s new compositions which he’d provisionally titled “Love in the Time of War.” But then, when the exhibit closed, I wanted to start painting again; I realized I needed new music for inspiration. As I began to listen more closely to the new tunes, I discovered that David had tapped an even richer, deeper vein of musical ideas. I loved this new work so much I wondered why it had taken me so long to commission a second album from my music collaborator.


At a pair of socially distanced, outdoor events at Hotel Casa Rosada on Nov 30 and Dec 1, David will debut “Healing Dance.” This compelling piece has become one of my favorite tunes of the new series. In addition to samples of new compositions, the outdoor concerts at Hotel Casa Rosada will also feature music by some of his favorite composers, Ludovici Einaudi and Yanni. David will be performing with his quartet band, including the incredible Carlos Vargas on piano. Until David is able to sell out again at the Teatro Angela Peralta, these reduced-size concerts make for a unique opportunity to hear the one some call “Maestro,” at his most intimate best. 


Tickets available at Biblioteca Publica, Insurgentes 25.


Ellie Harold: Painter visual Artist in Frankfort, MI, USA.