Matching Donation Offer to Help the SPA Save Cats and Dogs

Matching Donation Offer to Help the SPA Save Cats and Dogs

By Megan Gabel and Jayn Corral

The Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. (SPA) is the only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in San Miguel de Allende. We house an average of 100 unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. Since 1980, we have provided food, shelter, and care for our resident animals with the goal of finding them permanent, loving homes. Our on-site clinic provides veterinary services for our animals and those belonging to the public. Without donations from our supporters, the SPA, a non-profit organization, could not exist. Now, through the end of the year, all new donations to the SPA up to a total of US$2,500 will be matched!!

Your donation will help us save animals like Snickers and Chrissie. In mid-March 2020, we spotted a small dog stretched out on top of an empty food bag in the field next to the SPA. Towel in hand for protection (just in case), we gently lifted her off the bag. She immediately snuggled but was obviously wounded and in pain. It turned out Snickers had a broken knee which required complicated, expensive surgery. For weeks, she was bandaged and had to restrict her activity. Throughout the ordeal, she remained a very happy, friendly, affectionate dog, freely giving kisses. We all (cat and dog volunteers alike) fell in love with her and took turns spending time with her as she recuperated. This sweetheart was adopted in June.

Out for a walk, a SPA dog alerted his walker to Chrissie’s body in the weeds. The tiny, beautiful two-year-old black and white cat was alive, but badly injured. Her face was full of lacerations, and one eye was hemorrhaged and slightly protracted. Fortunately, Chrissie survived and her eye was saved. At first, she was mad at the world and very defensive and depressed. Weeks and months went by while our volunteers worked steadily with her. Her attitude improved so much that about one year later, a sweet and lucky Chrissie was adopted from the SPA.

Please take advantage of the matching donation offer and donate to the SPA today! It’s easy to donate (via PayPal) online at (“Donate” button, at the top of each page) or on our Facebook page (“Shop now” button, just below the banner). You may also donate by Mexican or U.S. check written to “Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A.C.” (full name required) or by U.S. check to “San Miguel Community Foundation” (for a U.S. tax receipt). Checks may be dropped off at the SPA, Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124, or at any La Conexión location (mark envelope “SPA, PMB 18”). Please email with questions.

Thank you for becoming a part of our effort to provide a safe shelter for cats and dogs for however long it takes to find them homes.