More Employment in San Miguel de Allende

More Employment in San Miguel de Allende

The “Pollman International” project, an initiative to create jobs in the municipality, was presented at an inaugural event by municipal president Luis Alberto Villarreal and state governor Diego Sinhue.

Pollman is a leading company in the automotive industry, founded in 1888 in Austria. It is expected that starting 2021, Pollman will begin to produce locks for BMW and Daimler. Pollman Mexico will be its 5th production plant worldwide.

The Pollman project will be located in the business area of ​​the municipality, as explained by Governor Sinhue, with a US$4.45 million first stage of investment. The investment, which will eventually reach US$10 million, is expected to create 75 jobs. President Villareal commented, “Here there is true accompaniment for entrepreneurs and investors who want to come to create jobs, who want to generate wealth and who want to continue mobilizing the economy of our country from Guanajuato.”

Governor Sinhue explained, “With the arrival of Pollman, there are 57 international investment projects captured in the last 25 months, for an amount of US$2.186 million and 26,487 jobs.”

The director of the “Pollman México” project, Stefan Pollman, thanked the state and municipal authorities for the facilities that will be used to carry out the initiative, and explained that the recruitment of personnel will be announced in the next few days.

The opening event was attended by the Secretary for Sustainable Economic Development, Mauricio Díaz, the Commercial Counselor of the Austrian embassy in Mexico, Nella Hegstler, the CEO of Pollman International, Hebert Auer, the deputy, Katya Soto and the federal deputy, Ricardo Villareal.

Sources: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende