Safe Holiday Bazaar Presented by Ojalá Niños

Safe Holiday Bazaar Presented by Ojalá Niños

By Elsmarie Norby


Come celebrate the wonderful talents of Ojalá Niños at their Holiday Bazaar, where you can find treasures and gifts in stained glass and a variety of hand-made items.


One day only: Sat., Nov 21, 10am-4pm at Calle Gorrión 24, in Colonia Guadiana. The site is open-air with all COVID-19 protocols observed. 


Ojala Niños is a non-profit integrated learning program in the rural community of San Miguel Viejo, which offers resources and guidance to foster creativity, critical thinking skills, and self-confidence. The daily classes are free and available to children beginning at age 3. 


It began when Elsmarie Norby moved to San Miguel Viejo in 2007 and the local children were curious about this newcomer, shyly stopping at her gate to hopefully catch a glimpse of her or her cat and dog. One day, she gave new pencils to eight children at her gate and later placed seats and paper at the patio table. More and more children came, more and more materials and helpers appeared, and Ojalá Niños was born as an official organization in 2010. 


In January this year, Elsmarie officially retired because, as good things “come round right,” a wonderful board of directors formed last fall: a group of professional, dedicated, and proactive people who are working hard to make the organization a sustainable opportunity for children and families far into the future. With that, Elsmarie left her house and moved to Guadiana, where the Holiday Bazaar will happen. Her house in San Miguel Viejo is being transformed into the Learning Center for all the children when classes resume. It’s where it all began—and where it will continue.


During this upended time of COVID, Ojalá has given information, personal protective equipment, and food to the whole community. The children have been specifically taught about the seriousness of the virus and how they can minimize their exposure. Even without classes, they have had access to some materials and have produced beautiful pieces of art, poetry, and stories. The art is what you’ll see and be able to purchase at the Holiday Bazaar. The children receive the money from their sales, so please come by to support and encourage these amazing artists.